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18:22 31 May 24
Lindsay PalmerLindsay Palmer
12:48 22 May 24
Awesome service! Would recommend to anyone.
01:47 22 May 24
CGC is a great company to chose from if youre in Calgary or Charlottetown. Personally im in ontario and the shipping process from PEI to Ontario was still quite fast for the circumstances. As for the pc itself, I did have to send mine back under warranty because of some damages where I had to pay for a shipping label but mind you, this may vary depending on where youre from so its not an issue for me, especially because all pc purchases come with 3 years of warranty. I did get to use the pc for a little before it started blue-screening and i can say, it was extremely fast and dead silent, more quiet than my ps5 even when recently cleaned. the value for getting a 4060 and ryzen 5 7600x is honestly amazing, other places around Canada will pair the 4060 with a lower end cpu like a ryzen 5 5500 or something, so I can say that the value is pretty good. Every game I played reached at least 150+ fps in 1080p at high-maximum graphics settings. All in all my experience with Canada Gaming computers has been pretty good apart from having to send my pc back, but the little taste of seeing how good that PC truly was, I cannot wait for them to send it back. Sometimes their customer support is slow and inconsistent, but if you can catch a reply from either sam or adam, they're pretty reliable. I would recommend Canada gaming computers to really anyone if you find something you like, just be aware of sending the pc back incase of anything happening and paying for shipping costs.
jean rooftonjean roofton
19:31 13 May 24
Solange ProulxSolange Proulx
11:36 07 May 24
Bruce DavidsonBruce Davidson
19:58 06 May 24
Responsive customer service and excellent product. Clean install with good workmanship. Would recommend to others.
Ahmad AlayedyAhmad Alayedy
04:02 03 Apr 24
amazing customer service and Great product
Virosha DelileVirosha Delile
04:01 03 Apr 24
Great service, I had my computer arrive fast and it’s running great. It even came with a free gaming chair. I highly recommend.
05:35 28 Apr 24
Ahmad AlayedyAhmad Alayedy
05:29 28 Apr 24
Robert MacMenaminRobert MacMenamin
14:34 14 Apr 24
Rama SammourRama Sammour
05:39 12 Apr 24
Abdelhak MeftahAbdelhak Meftah
23:29 18 Mar 24
Great after sales service and the staff very professional and always available when needed. I definitely recommend CGC.
joe purrjoe purr
19:05 11 Jan 24
I bought my pre-built computer in Nov 2023. It is a well thought out, speedy multipurpose machine. In the past I have built my own computers but, in today's market, I couldn't buy the parts online to build this unit for the price they were asking.I am also happy to report that the after sale service I received from this company was indeed 5 star. I can say this because there actually were a couple of shipping and parts issues with my order. All problems were quickly and painlessly rectified to my satisfaction. Adam actually called me back to follow up on the process and my satisfaction... Stellar Service from a great company that I would gladly recommend.
Dylan BreauDylan Breau
23:44 10 Jan 24
Very excellent experience! They went above and beyond to satisfy my needs and expectations! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a well priced, professional transaction. Very friendly people as well! 10/10.
Greg WallGreg Wall
19:30 03 Jan 24
I ordered a powerful computer to run Golf Simulator game, I am so happy with the unit I received. I am not a computer gamer and I had to reach out a couple times to service, the response was immediate and extremely helpful. The computer was delivered to my door, and all was well with it. I would recommend Canada Gaming Computer as a great source with quality product.
Eclipse TuskEclipse Tusk
04:58 03 Jan 24
Very happy with the purchase and the service
Sagar TrivediSagar Trivedi
05:25 15 Dec 23
Adam has been very helpful in the order process and the pc has been running great overall!
21:09 19 Oct 23
At first I was extremely nervous buying from a company I have never brought from before.I had so many questions and all of them were promptly answered. My requests for specific parts of the computer build were happily accomodated to my liking! Coincidentally, parts that I did not request for all matched which caused the PC to look stealthy black; my absolute favourite!Issues and concerns that came up were handled professionally! Therefore, if any came up for you, please don't worry! Reach out to them and this company will take care of it like how they took care of mine!My Athena PC is beautiful! I'm in complete awe everytime I look at it! It runs fast, performs smooth, and is efficiently quiet.To those who are looking for a PC, you can fully trust Canada Gaming Computers!
Slam SlammmSlam Slammm
18:46 07 Oct 23
Recently ordered the Eclipse gaming PC and I must admit, that I am impressed! Running next gen games on ultra with great performance, on a 1440 x 2560 monitor :) very reliable company, that offers fast & professional service. They answered all my questions and provided a killer machine. Definitely gonna be ordering from this site again, thank you very much Adam.-Loic from Québec!
15:20 24 Sep 23
Bought a prebuilt computer for my husband and he loves it. Not going to lie I was so scared this was a scam site but no I was wrong. Real site real computer
15:31 08 Sep 23
My first time working with this company and they were extremely accommodating to my needs. They went out of their way to get me exactly what I wanted and followed up with any of my concerns. I recommend them and their work.
Spazzy McGeeSpazzy McGee
16:34 01 Sep 23
Adam was super helpful and courteous. He answered all my questions, and I found their prices comparable, I got my system on sale at a great price! Arrived quickly, in 5 days, and that's including a weekend!
Christophe LavoieChristophe Lavoie
15:42 12 Aug 23
Very prompt and personal service, all issues I had were handled with care and speed. Thank you!
Emma Jean GriffinEmma Jean Griffin
15:18 02 Aug 23
antwaun rolleantwaun rolle
21:48 07 Jul 23
Pc well designed, very professional service. Pc is working great. Would recommend to friends and anyone that want to build a PC. He is a safe bet.
Marzanna CzekajMarzanna Czekaj
22:19 21 May 23
We are extremely happy with the service they provide.
Dean GallopDean Gallop
17:53 15 May 23
Amazing computer. Fast shipping and great tech support.
21:59 02 Apr 23
Adam ,did an awesome job and was fast .I would suggest him to anyone for fast and positive work . Ty Adam
John TrenholmJohn Trenholm
10:10 25 Mar 23
Adam made it very easy to put together the system that I was looking for. Was very helpful from start to finish. Works & looks awesome.I highly recommend!!!
03:18 22 Mar 23
Got my first pc ever and couldn’t have wished for any better , was very easy to work with and very straightforward service . Accommodated with all my needs and wants , would 100% recommend anyone trying to get into gaming pcs or upgrade . Very good and thoughtful service all throughout , thank you guys
Dafer GuerreroDafer Guerrero
14:52 21 Mar 23
Great job! That was very fast and efficient
Tahaireen KhanTahaireen Khan
00:40 17 Mar 23
Very reliable and fast. Definitely trusted Adam with my device and my MacBook Pro works so much faster and better now . Battery replacement took a day and was quick. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for phone , laptop or Pc services.Thank you
18:35 28 Feb 23
Profesional service and quick delivery. Knowledgeable people they helped choose parts for my computer, Adam was very communicative and patient with me even tho i didnt know much about computers he guided me and made sure i got what i wanted. Im really satisfied with their services


At Canada Gaming Computers, we’re all about providing a seamless and personalized experience. Our dedicated support team is here to guide you through every step of the way, making sure you get the most out of your custom built computer.

So, why settle for anything less? Choose Canada Gaming Computers for the ultimate in performance, customization, and support. We’re here to make your dream machines a reality, one custom computer at a time. Hand made perfection, every, single, time!

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    Our successful career of computer repairs has been built upon our commitment to providing reliable, high-quality services to our clients. Our team is well-equipped with the expertise and experience necessary to troubleshoot and repair any type of problem you may have with your computer. From virus removal to hardware replacement, we have the tools and know-how to deliver a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Above all, our customer service is second to none, consistently ensuring that you receive an efficient and cost-effective solution which resolves your issue as quickly as possible.


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   We make sure to go above and beyond with the quality checks of our gaming computers. This is to ensure every customer is getting more than what they paid for, and also to be happy with their purchase. Compared to other manufacturers, even on the hidden parts that are not visible we make sure it is still a presentable product. This also make it easy for the customer to perform upgrades in the future.


   It is a common thing to upgrade a computer down the line to make sure it still holds up to daily tasks. With our computers this is a very easy task to do. Simple thing like upgrading ram or storage can be done by anyone. But you must make sure that the computer supports it. Worry not, we make sure with every computer to leave a lot of headroom for upgradability in the future, such as going for a motherboard with 4 Ram slots instead of 2. Or leaving an accessible M.2 slot free for easy access. If you are unsure, you always book a call with our professionals, and they will guide you through the operation. Or even better, drop by and we will do it for you.


   We are always here to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. And we understand that tastes can be different. This is why we offer the utmost level of customization. If you dont like a product or want to change any of its specifications/looks. Just contact us before ordering and we will make it happen for you. So don’t hesitate!

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